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Who we are

The founder of Rachel's Kids Development Fund is Dr. Rachel Navaneelan, a local dentist in Cornwall. Dr. Rachel initiated a charity auction and garden party to be held in her backyard garden to raise funds to assist victims of the Tsunami. The aim of the fundraiser was to bring awareness and to raise money to benefit underprivileged children in Sri Lanka, her native country. Some of these children were orphaned and/or displaced due to past ethnic disturbances and many others were orphaned and displaced due to the Tsunami tragedy on December 26th, 2004.

Dr. Rachel had been financially contributing in the past to the best of her capability in a small way to support these children. It had been 4 months since the Tsunami and the initial Tsunami assistance had already faded and the children had been forgotten. Very little or barely any support had reached the children post Tsunami. There was no social benefit or unemployment benefit programs in existence in Sri Lanka, children of parents who lost their livelihood to the Tsunami were experiencing the same fate.

Dr. Rachel promised if the fundraiser proved successful, her intention was to make this an annual event where half the contribution would be made to local charities, mainly to benefit children in the community, and the remainder would continue to go towards projects initiated overseas.

Thanks to the compassion and generosity of the communities of Cornwall, SD&G and Ottawa, the event proved to be a huge success. Dr. Rachel kept her promise. With volunteers efforts and the continued support of our local community we continue to hold the Annual Garden Party & Auction, Annual Have a Heart Gala, Sponsor A Child Program, and most recently a New York City Bus Tour.

95% of all funds raised go directly to the children.

Our Vision

An inspired community focused on improving the lives of children in need.

Our Mission

Promoting hope and opportunity for children in need both locally and globally.We accomplish this by offering a variety of programs and collaborating with community organizations who are focused on shaping a better future for these children through health, wellness and education initiatives.

Our Values

Passion - Rachel's Kids is committed in heart and mind to all projects and programs it offers, the children and families it assists and events that it hosts.

Leadership - Rachel's Kids members display the courage and commitment to shape a better future for the children in need in the communities that we serve.

Collaboration - Rachel's Kids is committed to collaborating with local organizations in the communities that we serve and to sponsoring projects that address children's needs in a sustainable and culturally sensitive manner.

Accountability - Rachel's Kids is committed to transparency and accountability in all its activities, especially in fundraising and spending. We expect the same of our partners.

Nonpartisanship - Rachel's Kids does not receive funding from foreign government-related organizations and does not partner with any government or paramilitary in its operations outside of Canada, nor do we support political activities.

Inclusivity - Rachel's Kids considers racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination to be barriers to the full development of children. We support projects that provide an environment based on equality and inclusiveness for boys and girls and which strive to remove the exclusionary barriers faced by children.

Advocacy - Rachel's Kids advocates for a better future for children in need by supporting projects that provide children with the opportunity to a basic education and beyond and that address their health and wellness needs be they physical, mental or emotional.

Philanthropy - Rachel's Kids members demonstrate a true love for humankind and a deep-rooted belief in the value that hope brings to those in need. We pride ourselves on the ability to respond quickly and directly to various challenges that children and their families face.

Effective Governance - Rachel's Kids has a dynamic staff and Board of Directors who are responsible for establishing and implementing guidelines that define program interests and fundamental objectives, and that perform periodic review and evaluation of their mission, priorities, policies and practices.

Rachel's Kids Board of Directors

Dr. Rachel Navaneelan

Founder & Chair

Tanya Flaro

Vice President

Jody Hum


Michelle Contant

Secretary/Foster Director

Mike Fontaine

Project Coordinator

Nicole Landriault

Fundraising Coordinator

Sharon Miller

Board Member

Scott Coulter

Fundraising Coordinator

Jodie Reynolds

Fundraising Coordinator

Keith Kerr

Fundraising Coordinator